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Account "NOT GUILTY"

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"NOT GUILTY" is the title of a moving and powerful photography project depicting the lives of 41 people who suffered as concentration camp prisoners and forced labourers under the regime of the Third Reich. Presented in portraits, the project serves as a living documentation of the era of National Socialism, focusing on the holocaust.

Sebastian Holzknecht is a contemporary Austrian photographer whose thought-provoking exhibition encompasses 41 large-formate portraits and an array of photographic installations of up to three meters in length. The project exposes the grief and abomination inflicted on the innocent whilst serving as a poignant reminder that in matters of self-reflection, political action and social responsibility, the memory of the holocaust serves as an exemplification that we can still learn from today.

In the words of the photographer: “We hope to create a platform for school pupils, students and the young and old, where socially critical issues such as politics, democracy, racism and human rights can be openly discussed. In doing so, it is essential to consider both the past and the future. Currently, just a small part of the exhibition is finish. We need more partners and sponsors to finalize the whole Exhibition.”

Before long all of the remaining contemporary witnesses of the era of National Socialism will be gone, and with them an ‘oral history’ of the events which took place. Sebastian Holzknecht aims to document the last of the eyewitnesses by capturing them with his compelling portraits. After much planning and preparation, the exhibition ‘NOT GUILTY’ is the result of no less than three years of research, photography and fieldwork in Auschwitz, Ravensbruck and Belarus.


For the realization of his photography exhibition, Sebastian Holzknecht is working in close collaboration with the German design consultancy ‘Uder Corporation’ and the freelance technical writer Dr. Anne-Barb Hertkorn. Despite their concentrated efforts the success of the project depends solely on your support: as the exhibition ‘NOT GUILTY’ is financed through sponsorship, your financial contribution would be gratefully accepted. Thank you for your kind support!


90cm x 60cm = 35,43" x 23,62"
Mounted on Alu-Dibond - Hahnemühle Photo Rag